Bambam Rodríguez



Bambam Rodríguez was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, where he began his musical life. At first self-taught on guitar and bass, then he entered the world famous “El Sistema” of Youth Orchestras, where he started learning to play the doublebass. With El Sistema he toured the country and performed with the likes of Gustavo Dudamel. At the same time he played Latin American, Afro-Caribbean music and Rock, also touring the country.

At age 18 he moved to Belgium, where he did his BA and MA, and played with the like of Bert Joris, Fabrice Alleman and Nathalie Loriers. After Belgium, he moved to the Netherlands to do a second MA in Jazz and World Music in the prestigious Conservatorium van Amsterdam. There he performed as the regular bassist for Gerardo Rosales Afro-Cuban quintet and for Michael Simon’s Asian Journey, as well as being a co-founder of his bands R.A.M. (Rodríguez, Aksunger, Milea) and Mulix, with which he toured 12 European Countries, South America and the Caribbeans, and recorded 4 CDs.

After 7 years in Europe Bambam decided to move to NYC to explore the city’s musical life. Since his arrival he’s performed with NYC-based musicians like Claudia Acuña, Juancho Herrera, Yuri Juarez, Yayo Serka, Chad Lefkowitz-Brown and Kenneth Salters. He also co-founded a duo project with Hungarian vocalist Artemisz Polonyi called Light at Both Ends of the Tunnel.

Bambam can be found performing regularly at some of the NYC Jazz and World music venues, including a weekly performance at Bar Six with Artemisz Polonyi’s Trio Indigo.